Rob Stenacker

For 38 years, retired major Rob Stenacker worked for the Police Force as well as for the Royal Military Police at Schiphol Airport.

During that time he held several executive posts in security management focusing on terrorism and civil aviation security. For a long time security operations surrounding High Risk Flights to destinations in Israel and the U.S. were his responsibility.

After that period he acted as spokesman and was daily engaged in criminal investigation issues and security operations of the Royal Military Police at Schiphol Airport. During several crisis situations he was the national and international spokesman on behalf of the Royal Military Police.

Starting in 2009, he worked as Head of Information of the Criminal Investigation Department and later he was Head of the Intelligence Division of the Royal Military Police. The Intelligence Division is responsible for gathering and processing intelligence to respond to enquiries related to terrorism, crime and border control.

As of the same year he was regularly appointed Head of Information (HIN) in full scale operations during calamities, crisis situations and major incidents at Schiphol Airport.

In 2003 he finished the Police Crisis Negotiation Training at the Dutch Police Academy and acted as negotiator with suspects and people involved in several crisis situations on behalf of the crime management team.

In 2016 he retired from the Royal Military Police with the rank of major and at present he works as a Security Auditor with the Royal Dutch Soccer Association (KNVB), section professional soccer.